UV disinfection means protection against bacteria and contaminants without using chemicals


Water is life

Every day we strive to make this vital resource safer and more accessible for everyone. World population growth is causing more pressure on water resources.Managers must adapt by choosing systems that ensure the safety of their water supply and consistent service.

We are aware that providing pure drinking water for businesses and the public is a delicate task, requiring commitment and dedication, which is why we support service companies, facilitating their tasks and making them more effective.

In terms of drinking water, UV light for disinfection is a safe option both for the public and the environment, as an alternative to the use of chemicals. The ultraviolet radiation guarantees a constant disinfectant barrier, without altering the original chemical and physical characteristics of the treated water, while maintaining the quality and organoleptic properties.


  • Safe and reliable treatment, even for high flow
  • Maintains the organoleptic characteristics of water
  • Offers superior water quality to the end customer
  • Avoids typical chemical disinfection by-products
  • Adaptability and customisation of the systems based on existing structures
  • Reduces or eliminates chlorine


Since the 1980s the use of ultraviolet light for the disinfection of drinking water has been a safe and reliable solution, adopted by water mains and drinking water utility companies.

Ultraviolet light removes the pathogens present in the water without the use of additives which are potentially hazardous for both humans and the environment.

Our product range is adapted to the treatment needs of small communities (1 ± 100 m3/h) and large urban areas (from 100 m3/h to over 3000 m3/h) for the treatment of ground water, natural sources, mountain streams, offering a safe and constant barrier against pathogens such as Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E. Coli and Pseudomonas