Efficiency and high technology for wastewater and process water disinfection


The Flux-O line is equipped with lamps arranged horizontally and parallel to the water flow; the UV channel size, dependent on the UV station size, is limited, reducing the impact of the overall civil works.

UV modules are often realised according to project or client specification. The supply usually includes:

  • UV modules made of AISI 316L stainless steel latest generation amalgam lamps
  • Automatic cleaning system
  • PLC to manage and organise the work of the entire UV station
  • Power distribution board for the installation of electronic feeders
  • The supply includes the water level control system
  • System automation based on project requirements


The Flux-O line is designed to optimise the size of the civil works, as well as being highly flexible in terms of treatable water level due to the many construction configurations.

The use of latest generation UV-C lamps guarantees best performance at the lowest possible operating costs.

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The Flux-O line is suitable for any open channel application treated with waste water, including waters for aquaculture, with different types of available lamps and several installation configurations.