The solution for difficult fluids, scarcely penetrable by UV light


The System line is able to transmit the ultraviolet radiations through fluids usually impenetrable by almost all the UV equipment available on the market.


The System line bases its performance on a particular structure inside the UV vessel that forces the fluid to pass several times through the thick maze of lamps as a “thin film”, due to a complex system of internal deflectors. The reaction chamber built in stainless steel AISI316L, the automatic quartz wiping system managed by the PLC are specifically designed for industrial applications.


The equipment of the System line is among the few on the market that can treat fluids with very low transmittance, allowing their disinfection and use, in several fields of application, as the food & drinks sector, or to extend the life time of liquids used for industrial applications.

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  • Low transmittance wastewater
  • Emulsified lubricants
  • Cutting fluids
  • Glucose
  • Preserving liquids in the dairy industry
  • Thermal waters

are some of the applications of the System line.

To receive further information about the line or its possible application don’t hesitate to contact Montagna Srl Technical Department.



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