The UV disinfection system for the treatment of low trasmittance fluids

The Forma-I UV system is designed for low transmittance fluid treatment, thanks to the use of last generation of amalgam lamps, geometrically arranged inside the reaction chamber, maximising the UV-C exposure to ensure the effectiveness of the disinfection process.

The particular configuration of the system makes it potentially suitable for the treatment of any type of water. Depending on the application, the Forma-I appliance can include several optional automatic systems (e.g. automatic cleaning system, modulation of lamp power supplies, monitoring ultraviolet intensity, temperature fluid management, remote swich).


High efficiency at low transmittances and automatic systems enable the equipment to optimise overall management costs: from power consumption to maintenance frequency.

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Forma-I is suitable for all water type treatment, with a particular focus on low transmittance waters such as wastewater, due to the internal configuration of each reactor.



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