Your partner for your disinfection projects for drinking water, wastewater and industrial applications


Montagna Srl, based in Lacchiarella (Milan, Italy) with more than 60 years of experience and over 11.000 installations is a leading company in the UV water treatment sector.

Highly skilled R&D personnel, design, production, sales and UNI EN ISO 9001 certified after-sales assistance, together with a comprehensive portfolio of products both for the industrial and municipal sector, contribute to the success of the company and place us at the forefront of science and technology for purification without chemicals.

The global market is becoming more and more competitive; our daily work, side by side with the client, allow us to build custom solutions – through products designed and developed in order to achieve  greater performances than the market average – focused on the needs of the single client, calibrated on the specific application, coupled with excellent sales and after-sales services.

The importance of the client-supplier relationship, together with the passion for what we do, make Montagna Srl a reliable partner that can offer the guarantee of the highest product quality and safety and superior standards.

The activities of the company consist of:

Consulting and design

Our Technical Department, formed by engineer with a consolidated experience in the UV disinfection sector, offers consulting services aimed to the identification of the most adequate solution for the client’s disinfection needs.

Feasibility studies, dimensioning, research of the most suitable materials for each specific application, special manufactures, non-standard dimensioning, customized configurations, design on existing structures are some of the services offered by our Technical Department.

Production and assembly

The UV disinfection systems are produced and tested in our facilities, in order to guarantee a constant control on product quality. Special attentions are pointed on the construction of the electrical panels that represent the “brain” and the command center on which the performance of the systems crucially depends.

Installation and after-sales

Our team of highly skilled technicians carry out the installation, set-up and training of the staff responsible of operating our systems.

Our UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified Customer Service Department, is always available to our clients, offering a service meant to answer all management needs: from the supply in short time of original spare parts, to the planning of maintenance operations.