Technology for advanced disinfection and oxidation for production process in pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry


The disinfection of premises and products used is fundamental for the production processes of the pharmaceutical industry. An exemplary final product, subject to severe international standards, means attention to every detail.

Water is widely used in the manufacturing process in the pharmaceutical field, both as a primary component for the production of aqueous drugs and for washing or cooling systems.


  • High performance and long life
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Constant control of disinfection levels
  • No residue or chemical by-products
  • No alteration of water pH



UV disinfection systems are used for the elimination of micro-organisms in water, but can also be applied in other drug production processes. UV light is also used for water dechlorination and to reduce total organic carbon (TOC) through advanced oxidation processes (AOP).

The UV systems can be easily installed on existing structures with only minimum alterations. In fact, the design can be customised on the basis of each specific production requirement.

UV disinfection can be used to treat process and drainage water , eliminating the micro-organisms that are potentially dangerous for the environment and enabling safe water outflow.