Effectiveness for small domestic, municipal and industrial applications


The Uno line is dedicated to the treatment of high transmittance fluids for small to medium flow rates.  Its simplicity is the outcome of the design experience accrued in over fifty years in the market. The hallmarks of this line are versatility of installation, cost-effectiveness, easy management and maintenance of the system.


The Uno line consists of several models, with increasing treatment capacity.  The UV systems are composed of a closed reaction chamber in stainless steel with threaded input/output hydraulic connections, high intensity germicidal lamps, an electrical switchboard, and the connection cable. Optionally you UV and fluid temperature sensors can be installed. Customisations related to the construction materials, the hydraulic connections or the electric components supplied are available.


  • Overall simplicity
  • High quality components and high performance at low cost.
  • Easy installation
  • Low power consumption (comparable to that of a common household)
  • Maintenance limited to the replacement of the lamps
  • High durability

Products from the Uno line are easily installed, ensuring the performance over time, with an appliance, and at the end of their useful life.

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The Uno line is designed for the disinfection of high transmittance  fluids (drinking water, swimming pools, etc…), the actual processing capacity of the various models depends on the specific application.

Montagna’s Technical Office is always available to identify the most suitable technical solution for a specific application.