Original spare parts for a durable product, keeping the highest performance level, even after 20 years



To fully maintain the Montagna UV systems over the years, regularly manteinance bust be carried out maintenance as suggested in the equipment manual.

Montagna has its own warehouse, equipped with the original spare parts for all UV equipment supplied over the years.

Use original spare parts to ensure proper operation, high performance and increase the working life of the UV system in the long run.

Some of our plants are still up and running after over 20 years, proving the importance of proper and regular maintenance.  Regular maintenance not only ensures the smooth operation of the system, but can also extend the life of your investment.

The supply of original spare parts is extremely important, in particular in terms of the replacing the lamps; these are the most important components, which most affect the UV system’s performance. Lamps must not be used beyond their working life, otherwise their germicidal capacity will decline.

Use Montagna spare parts to ensure compatibility with the systems and performance, as defined in the system design.

Lamps and ballast are specially designed to ensure maximum performance of our installations. Using unauthorised spare parts will compromise product function, decreasing the effectiveness of treatment; for important applications (for example, drinking water treatment) this risk must be taken into consideration, over and above costs of spare part components.