Optimal system configuration for the treatment of high water levels


The Flux-V model is equipped with lamps arranged vertically and orthogonal to the water flow. This configuration requires is particularly suitable for high water levels and for the restoration of disinfection splitter tanks with minimal adjustment works.

As the other equipment of the Flux , the Flux-V are built using AISI316L stainless steel, are equipped with last generation amalgam lamps and can include automatic systems and remote control


If lamps are decommissioned, replacement is extremely simple, as it is not necessary to extract the UV Module from the disinfection channel: the electrical connection of the lamps is on top of the UV Module in an accessible position for operators.

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The whole Flux line is dedicated to the treatment of waste water or crystal clear waters such as surface water for aquaculture, and the Flux-V model is focused on open channel treatments for large flow rates.



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