Our system are equipped wiht low pressure UV lamps, that guarantees an optimal disinfection performance / energy consumption rate


The core of an UV system is undoubtedly represented by the UV-C lamps.

The emission of light at the specific wavelength of 254 nm is at the base of the disinfection systems based on ultraviolet light. It is this specific wavelength that disables the DNA in micro-organisms, by inhibiting their ability to reproduce, and thus also to contaminate.

Mercury vapour lamps are widely used. These lamps contain gas at a predetermined pressure, whose atoms, are energised by an electrical current, releasing this energy in the form of electromagnetic radiation at specific wavelengths.

The wavelength generated is concentrated in two peaks of 254nm and 185nm; moreover, a small percentage of visible light is generated when traversing transient conditions.

The quartz coating the lamps can be suitably “doped” to filter radiation at 185nm or not depending on its application, allowing only the emission of the 254nm UV wavelength, effective for the disinfection process.