Contaminant destruction and disinfection for process water and industrial wastewater


Water is a key component of many industrial processes, used as a primary element or during a specific production process.Some uses of this precious asset in industry include: steam formation and pressure control, use in cooling systems, heat exchange, washing and rinsing. All producers are aware that the quality of water in the production process is crucial, and know how important the treatment of water is downstream, before being discharged in nature.


  • It does not alter the taste, smell, colour or water pH
  • It is a chemical-free solution that does not use oxidizing additives for the disinfection of water
  • It does not produce by-products harmful to man or the
  • Easy to install and
  • Tailored to adapt better to the production cycles



The use of ultraviolet light in the industrial field is common for the disinfection of incoming water, water reuse and for waste water treatment.

Ultraviolet light is used with other technologies to increase the purity of water. Examples include the dechlorination and deozonation processes, or the elimination of any organic contaminating agents that are formed during the production process. UV is fundamental for the production of ultrapure water.

UV technology also applies to the treatment of fluids with very low transmittance (emulsified oils and fluid coolants, glucose, preserving liquids, etc…) to increase fluid life for the benefit of industrial production and maintenance costs.