From our origins as of today…



Our story begins in 1960, when Federico Montagna established the company Montagna, specialising in the excavation and construction of wells for drinking water.

Back in the early seventies – when everyone else still thought it was ‘alien technology’ – we understood that ultraviolet disinfection was the future, and became pioneers in Italy. We knew what to do, and transformed disinfection with our flagship technology.

When Mauro, Federico’s son, joined the company in the early 1980s, the company decided to abandon well construction and focus entirely on the creation of UV systems. Throughout the 1980s, the company set about propagating and introducing the technology to operators in this sector, who were, at that time, largely unfamiliar with UV and its specific applications.

The nineties were a period of development in the use of ultraviolet radiation for the treatment of drinking water, and it became the solution for disinfecting and for the treatment of large flow rates. The company grew quickly and installed countless systems in aqueducts in northern Italy.

From  the 2000s UV technology was applied extensively in unexplored sectors. Montagna was capable of leading the development of new applications, using its experience in each field: from the treatment of waste water, pools, and aquaculture to industrial fluids.

Today UV technology represents the fastest growing sector in the water treatment industry .  Our commitment has continued over three generations and we have created over 11,000 plants in Italy and in the world, with a positive outlook based on our experience and professionalism.

As always, we are able to guarantee water quality, to live today, but above all to live better tomorrow.