The modularity of the Kombi line enables large flow treatments, mainly for drinking water. With reference to large and specific constraints, the construction of Kombi line equipment is based on dedicated projects.


Generally the Kombi line provides reaction chambers composed of mono-block series and are provided alternately by various types of low pressure lamps according to the hydraulic constraints and process provided. The mono-blocks, entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel are easily assembled also on site making possible the transport and installation even in the most complex systems and plants. Each mono-block installs a series of UV lamps positioned at right angles to the flow; the assembly of mono-blocks is composed of a mesh of lamps within which the passage of the water flow is imposed.


The large reaction volumes enable even huge flow rate treatment with minimum hydraulic head loss, while the modularity of the system and the use of low pressure lamps optimise energy consumption; the sum of both factors makes the Kombi line the most economic solution for the treatment of large flow rates.

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The main application of the Kombi line is the treatment of water for human consumption at high flow rates (higher than 1000 mc/h). This line is specifically designed for each single application.