Innovative solutions for fluids and surfaces disinfection, without altering the taste and the product quality


Food safety and quality is vital for the end customer. Producers must ensure hygienic conditions throughout the entire production process, to obtain product quality and comply with the strict regulations of the sector.

A growing number of consumers require products free from chemical agents, additives and preservatives. This makes it more difficult and complex to control the proliferation of bacteria and micro-organisms.


  • Reduction of additives and chemical products for disinfection
  • Preservation of the organoleptic characteristics of the product which may be modified by pasteurisation
  • Easy to use and eco-friendly
  • Preserves the product’s conservation characteristics
  • No risk of overdose



There are various applications of UV technology in the food industry, such as the control and elimination of pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, yeasts and moulds.

UV systems are used in water treatment during the production cycle to sanitize intermediate products, eliminate micro-organisms from surfaces, during the packaging process and to purify process waters, with health conscious and eco-friendly technology.

There are countless uses, and the ultraviolet systems are already used in various food and beverage processing. UV is used in bottling and packaging, in processing dairy products, fruits and vegetables, in packaging centres, in breweries, in wine cellars, and in meat and fresh fish processing centres.

UV may also be used for air and surface disinfection (e.g. conveyor belts and containers) or directly on foods to reduce the proliferation of micro-organisms before packaging.