Planned manteinance and customised warranty extension for plant efficency and high performance over time


Montagna offers a multi-year service and maintenance plan, so that our customers don’t have to worry about a thing.

The service contract enables our customers to schedule and optimise the management of costs related to the maintenance of the UV disinfection systems, avoiding unforeseen costs and ensuring the equipment is constantly monitored, to fully guarantee correct treatment.

The service contacts are adjustable and adaptable, tailored to the needs of each customer. The customers are free to create their own “service package” according to their needs, choosing from the services offered by Montagna, including:

  • Plant follow-ups: to verify systems status and their correct operation.
  • Seasonal opening/closing intervention: for disinfection systems which are only in seasonal use, checking and getting the system ready when the season begins, then cleaning and storing the system when the season ends.
  • Cleaning: ensuring periodic cleaning of installations subject to significant accidental soiling, for example due to long periods of inactivity or unexpected mud/sand contaminations
  • Maintenance: replacing the materials and components, subject to normal wear and tear
  • Remote monitoring: checking equipment status and operation, even from a distance, optimising interventions and ensuring shorter response times
  • Check-ups when requested: our technical staff is always ready to intervene in case of emergency
  • Telephone customer service: our customer care service and direct line to the Technical, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Office helps you to handle and resolve any problem which does not require direct intervention.